Hospitality Trends: How Covid Has Shaped The Hospitality Industry For The Future.

Justine King
4 min readMar 23, 2021
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Those that work in the hospitality/travel and tourism industry know that this past year has not been easy. In fact, it’s been filled with uncertainty and for some devastation, as they struggle to make ends meet. The future for their business has never looked bleaker and for some, they, unfortunately, won’t be opening again once lockdown restrictions have lifted. But for those that have managed to survive without funding or any additional help, will now need to adapt to the changing world and embrace some of these major trends.


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Staycations in their early days were vacations where you would stay at home and participate in activities that were within driving distance of your house. Now, however, that meaning has changed dramatically. They now simply mean staying in the same country as where you live.

In light of the pandemic, staycations are set to make a huge comeback and have actually become even more popular. With overseas travel not looking likely until at least the middle of May (or potentially longer), staycations may become the norm. As we slowly get back to a sense of normality, people are going to be more cautious as they’ll be fearing a third wave.

There are some benefits of staycations that people may not have consider and the main one is that it pumps much-needed funds back into local businesses and boosts the economy. This is something which is sorely needed in the hospitality/travel and tourism section after the year we have just had.


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Although technology has been around for a long time, the pandemic has made it even more obvious that technology is just one step ahead of us. So it’s not surprising that when the pandemic hit, technology dominated. It brought everyone together from across the world, it allowed some businesses to keep going despite not being able to actually meet in…